No other company in Canada has as much experience in phytoremediation as LandSaga. Since 1999 LandSaga has provided phytoremediation services for over 20 projects in four provinces and in the US, for sites measuring in square feet and hundreds of acres, in soil and groundwater, for petroleum hydrocarbons, BTEX, phosphates, nitrates, metals, solvents, dioxane, perchlorate, TCE and leachate. LandSaga is unmatched for the interdisciplinary expertise it brings to each project: biochemistry, soil science, hydrology, plant physiology, ecology, forestry, agronomy, and landscaping.

Services we provide for phytoremediation:
  • Feasibility review
  • Design review
  • Bench trials/proof of concept
  • Treatment design
  • Installation
  • Hybrid willows and poplars
  • Assessment, monitoring and maintenance